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20 January - Kuala Lumpur

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I’m feeling very tired, early morning flight and hangover is not the best combination. Flight was pretty easy and I slept for a few hours initially. Plane was pretty empty so I got to stretch out across 3 seats. After landing in KL and waiting for what seemed like hours at immigration and customs I hoped on the airport coach for RM10 (compared to RM55 for the KILA express train) and made my way into KL looking at the crazy traffic and palm tree plantations that line the highway. At the airport I also picked up a local SIM card with 1.5 G data for RM40. The airport bus took me right into Chinatown and walking distance to my hostel. I stayed at Reggae Mansion which is a pretty nice flash packers and got a private room for one night. After checking in a getting settled I met up with my couch surfing host Ikhsan and went out for a beer at marble8 a swanky beer garden with views of the Petronas towers.

I had also planned to meet up with another member of CS who I wasn’t staying with but been in contact with over the last few weeks. I met him outside the Petronas towers and we watched the water displays together. By this time, it was getting late and I still had not eaten. Hissein suggested a Chinese restaurant but by the time we got there it was closed. I decided to call it a night so caught train back to Chinatown (Jalan Petaling) and Hissein walked me back to my hostel. When I got back to my hostel I messaged Hissein and Ikhsan and thanked them for a nice evening. However, Hissein reply was that he liked me and wanted to kiss me so that kind of made things awkward for me…and made me uneasy about meeting up with him again in person.

In the morning after a nice breakfast at the hostel for RM7 I got ready and went out exploring the markets in Chinatown. Ikhsan picked me from my hostel in the afternoon and we headed out of the city to Penang. On the way we stopped at a food court (I don’t remember where) and I tried my first Malaysian soup. At the food court there were lots of stray cats and one was really injured and had some serious wounds which looked like a person inflicted them so that made me a bit sad.

Also first time using a squat toilet -there was no paper and no soap in the toilets so I used my own tissues and wet wipes (note buy more and hand sanitiser). Traffic is also crazy going to Penang and we got into Georgetown just at 7pm and Ikhsan took me straight to Penang Hill to show me the amazing views. We ate at a restaurant on Penang Hill but it wasn’t very nice.

Ikhsan has a room at St Giles Wimberley Hotel right in the misdeal of Georgetown on the 15th floor. The place has a gym and lap pool as well as an amazing buffet restaurant and rooftop bar...although the beers were kind of expensive!

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Last Day in Australia!!

19 January

sunny 34 °C

Today is my last day in Australia! I am feeling very excited and nervous. The past week I spent catching up with friends and today I am spending it with my family on the gold coast. Brilliant weather hot and sunny. Went for a surf and out for dinner at Bin72 a Spanish tapas restaurant. After dinner my brother and I stayed up drinking and chatting until the early hours of the morning.

Coolongatta beach

Coolongatta beach

Happy Last Surf...for a while <img class='img' src='http://www.travellerspoint.com/img/emoticons/icon_smile.gif' width='15' height='15' alt=':)' title='' />

Happy Last Surf...for a while :)

Family Dinner at Bin72

Family Dinner at Bin72

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